Research Interests

Operations strategy, Retail platform,  B2B marketplace, Supply chain management,Information sharing, Consumer behavior


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Practitioner Publication 

  1. Cui, R. 2018. Logistics Strategy to Retail Platforms.  Harvard Business Review China. Magazine Article, November: 042-043. (哈佛商业评论中文版:商的物流战略)
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Papers Under Review

  1. Cui, R, M. Li, J. Li, L. Yu. Wholesale Price Discrimination in Global Sourcing: Field Evidence from Alibaba.
  2. Cui, R, M. Li, Q. Li. Value of High-Quality Logistics: Evidence from a Clash between SF Express and Alibaba.
  3. Wagner, L, E. Calvo, R. Cui. The Value of Disclosing Product Availability on Retail Platforms.
  4. Bassamboo, A, R. Cui, A. Moreno-Garcia. Wisdom of Crowds: Forecasting Using Prediction Markets.

Working Papers 

  1. Cui, R, T. Sun. Sooner or Later? Learning from Delivery Speed Information.

Media Coverages

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